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Services Offered

In-Home Training

If you prefer to work one-on-one, I offer training in the comfort of your own home. It offers a variety of benefits you may find helpful:

  •  No driving to weekly group classes

  •  Great for dogs who are too stressed to learn in different environments

  •  Effective due to minimal outside distractions

  •  Convenient appointment times based on your schedule

  •  No extra charge for multiple dogs in the same household

  •  We adjust the training to help your pup fit into your lifestyle

Having private lessons in your home can be a very beneficial  dog training experience for pet parents.  You get personal coaching about the specific issues and challenges you are facing with your puppy or dog right where the problems happen most. All family members are welcome to participate or observe.

Includes initial phone consult, travel time, handouts specific to your situation, 1-hr session.

$65.00 per session

Call or email via the 'Contact' tab (above) for more information or to make an appointment.
Note - for travel beyond 15 miles from my home, I add .25 cents per mile, each way.

Anna D 1.19 10wksJPG
Anna D 9.19

Anna - at 10 wks and then at 10 mo.

Anna & new sis Shelby 10.20

With her new sis, Shelby


Training was for Moose (chocolate lab), but Mayze, Wally and Marvin wanted in on the class!

Group Training Classes



for puppies 8 - 18 weeks   /   7 weeks, 1 hour - First night is WITHOUT dogs.


This class was developed to teach puppies how to respond to you and your family.
We will cover a variety of topics including: Socialization, Bite Inhibition, Housebreaking, Chewing, Crate Training, starting to learn Sit, Down, Walking on a Loose Leash, and Come!
All training is done using positive reinforcement methods - no choke or pinch collars or shock collars allowed.

We cover a great deal of information, so please come prepared to listen, learn, practice and have fun!



for all dogs 19 weeks and older  / 7 weeks, 1 hour -  First night is WITHOUT dogs.

The Basic Manners Class is the next step after Puppy Kindergarten. You will continue learning to teach your dog the basics of Sit, Down, Stay, and Come, and also continue working on Loose-Leash Walking, while incorporating all the above commands.


In addition, we will discuss household behavior issues such as Jumping, Barking, Biting, Chewing, Housebreaking and much more. All training is done using positive reinforcement methods - no choke, pinch collars or shock collars allowed.


This is a fun and motivational time for both dog and owner! Don’t worry if you didn’t go through the Puppy Kindergarten Class. The only requirement is that your dog be over 4-1/2 months old to be admitted to this class.


Many people adopt adult dogs from shelters, rescues, etc., and are looking for guidance on the basics with their new four-legged member of the household! This is the class for you!


NOTE - Reactive or excessively fearful dogs not permitted. We will work together to find the appropriate training for your specific situation.

Puppy Graduation Class

from left - Abby, Sedona, Cupcake & Chico

Basic Manners Graduation Class

from left - Bear, Tucker and Ruby

Puppy Kindergarten 
(8-18 wks)
NO CLASSES PLANNED at this time.
Please check back.

Basic Manners Classes 
(19 wks and older)
at this time.
Please check back.

Classes held at
Private Residence
Home is within 1/2-mile of IU West Hospital
Address will be provided to clients upon sign-up for class.

Please call 317.250.5091
or send an email via the
'Contact' tab above to sign up.

Five dogs maximum per class.
Three dogs minimum per class.

Basic Manners 12.21

"We thoroughly enjoyed this class & feel as though we learned a great deal of valuable information.

Thanks, Lora, for all your help!"

     Jim & Lynn with Abby

"Lora was very knowledgeable and made us work for it! She is a great trainer and I learned that training will work if you put in the time with your dog. I would take her class and a private session to gain experience from her!"

        Liz with Harley


"I adopted a 4-mo-old Border Collie/Welsh Corgi mix who definitely had a mind of his own.  Lora took him to her house to work with him for two weeks. Upon his return to me, he was well-behaved and listened to me!

He is now almost 3-yrs-old and

adores Lora very much. She has

lots of patience and loves every dog she has trained over the years.

I highly recommend her. She always wants the best for the dog and their owner and family. Nugget now also loves riding in the car!


Margaret Zaph & Lucas_edited.jpg

"Eight weeks of this class changed my relationship with my dog, as well as changed my initial thought of finding him a new home. He is obedient and attentive now. I'll have him forever!"

      Margaret with Lucas

Allen and Belinda


Reggie (right), and Gizmo

"Reggie, a half Jack Russell, half Chihuahua, came to us an unwanted shelter dog.  He had many behavior issues and needed to be taught some basic manners. The first thing Reggie did when we picked him up was to bite my husband.  He was hostile and aggressive with a withdrawn, detached look in his eyes.

My husband and I found Lora and asked her for a consultation.  She worked wonders with Reggie. 

It opened the door for bonding, listening and working together to get Reggie where he needed to be. 

Today he is completely different.  He is a very happy, trusting, affectionate, loving dog.  He lives without fear. His eyes are clear and bright. (the withdrawn far away eyes gone) He meets and greets other humans and dogs without fear. 

Reggie spends his evenings sitting on my lap, something we thought he would never do.  Earning his trust was a slow process over months, but we did it, with Lora’s professional training.

It isn’t enough to rescue a shelter dog in some instances.  They require training to open their minds and hearts to develop that trust and to lose that fear.  We don’t know the daily routine of a shelter animal.  Those early experiences can be unpleasant.  It takes professional training and lots of love to help them overcome whatever they had to endure to become a good dog living in a happy home."


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