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Want to own a great dog? Be a great owner!
Force-free, positive-based training for dogs and their people!


Welcome and thank you for visiting Good Dog Happy Home!

       I am excited to work with you on teaching your puppy or dog how to be a well-behaved member of your household!

      Training a puppy or any dog 'new' to your home, begins the second you bring him home. Everything you do—and don’t do—is teaching him something. He is learning, for better or worse, every moment of every day. 

       Whether you are starting out with a brand new puppy or you've rescued a dog from a shelter, or purchased a dog from a breeder, I am here to help welcome your dog into your home in the most positive way possible!

      I understand the difference between behaviors that will fade away as your puppy matures, and behaviors that need attention right now, before they become lifelong problems. And also the behaviors that your new adult dog may have come with, that might need to be changed! Either way, we will work together to teach your dog good manners and live peacefully in your home.

      The goal of Good Dog Happy Home is for you to thoroughly enjoy the training experience and to build a strong, positive and lasting bond between you and your dog. Training sessions are carefully thought out, educational, and designed for the entire family.

I believe it is essential for you to understand the needs of your dog - physical, mental and emotional - whether we work together in a class setting or in your home.

     And we will do that with force-free science-based methods, using food rewards, praise and toys. We will not use choke, pinch or shock collars, spray bottles, scary noises, physical corrections, harsh voices or intimidation.

     My mission is to help you and your dog enjoy many happy years together! 

     Thank you for visiting! I look forward to hearing from you!


Oakley (left) and Gunner - RIP my beautiful boys.

Miss you every day.

Gambit - I adopted him May '20.

He's a 7-yr-old border collie and

such a sweet guy. Love him so much!

Dog training should not be a battle of wills, but an

ever-evolving dance of communication and cooperation.
- Nicole Wilde

Please call or email with any questions.



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The boys did a nice 'sit/stay'

so I could get this cute pic.

Don't you love the 'happy' in their faces?

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